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When you're out of quality you're out of business...

When you're out of quality you're out of business...

With these principles always in practice, we feel proud to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of quality cables in India. We are involved in cable manufacturing since 1988 under the name of 'PELEC'.

'PELEC' brand cables have been bought by our happy and satisfied customers all over India. 'PELEC' brand cables are known for its quality and life long performance. The cables are manufactured on state of the art machinery under stringent quality standards to provide consumers the best value for their money.

'PELEC' brand has always inspired great confidence and trust following our consistent quality and competitive prices. It has also built up a reputation for commercial foresight and solid integrity.

The high standard of our products is due to careful selection of raw materials and stringent quality control measures taken at every stage of production.

'PELEC' is growing rapidly and has received a different entity as a company since April’08. The company has been accredited with ISO 9001:2000. 'PELEC Cables Pvt Ltd.' also plans to manufacture Armoured cables in the near future.

LME Official Prices
(US$/tonne) for 8 Sep 2011

  • 9,040.50Cash Buyer
  • 9,041.00Cash Seller & Settlement
  • 9,061.003-Months Buyer
  • 9,061.503-Months Seller
  • 9,075.0015-Months Buyer
  • 9,085.0015-Months Seller
  • 9,010.0027-Months Buyer
  • 9,020.0027-Months Seller

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