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When you're out of quality you're out of business...

When you're out of quality you're out of business...

Narendra Shah, CEO

Narendra Shah, the founder of this organisation, holds a degree of B.E.(Mech) and has an experience of almost 27 yrs in this field. An enterprising and dynamic businessman, he has experience in the marketing and construction fields too.

Vishakh Shah, MD

Vishakh Shah has been awarded an MBA(Strategic Mgmt/International Business) by the prestigious University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. With an experience of 4 years in this industry, he is planting a solid foundation for the organisation's future with his vision and determination.

Satish Shah, MD(Operations)

Satish Shah, in this field for close to 27 yrs, has proved to be a strong base for the organisation's growth with his expertise in core manufacturing processes.

Amresh Sinha, Manager (Marketing)

Amresh Sinha is helping the company to achieve its sales target with his agressive marketing plans and promotions. With 15 years of experience in marketing, he understands the market requirements and consumer
interests well.

LME Official Prices
(US$/tonne) for 17 Mar 2010

  • 7,341.00Cash Buyer
  • 7,341.00Cash Seller & Settlement
  • 7,390.003-Months Buyer
  • 7,390.003-Months Seller
  • 7,400.0015-Months Buyer
  • 7,410.0015-Months Seller
  • 7,320.0027-Months Buyer
  • 7,330.0027-Months Seller

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